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WCFIBER may be new to Columbia County, but we have been serving western South Carolina for over 60 years. We are proud to offer the fastest Internet in the area with Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps (that's 1,000 Mbps). We are constructing a 100% fiber network in order to provide not only these fast speeds, but also high definition television and unlimited phone services. 

How do I get WCFIBER services in my neighborhood?

Currently we are installing our services in neighborhoods with the most interest. When you fill out the interest form, your name is added to your neighborhood count. You can easily remind your neighbors to sign up as well with our postcard program!

Why did we choose Columbia County?

Columbia County approached us in 2015 because of our extensive capabilities in providing a high quality fiber experience. Extending our service made sense and we began the construction process in the fall of 2015, installing the first customer on fiber in December 2015. 


Like our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/WCFIBER


Only $69.95 for Gigabit Internet? Sign me up! 

In some subdivisions in Columbia County, GA, WCFIBER is offering a discounted rate for gigabit internet at only $69.95 a month. 

High Speed Internet

Your WCFIBER High Speed Internet service is able to handle all your high-tech demands, from streaming HD movies to ultra TV to 3D gaming and beyond. With the fastest speeds in your area, you will be amazed at what you can do!

200 Mbps x 200 Mbps        $40
500 Mbps x 500 Mbps        $60
1 Gbps x 1 Gbps                $80

1 Gbps = 1,000 Mbps




Your WCFIBER HD TV service includes over 100 channels and a wired DVR capable set top box, add Whole Home DVR for just $8.95/mo. Additional set top boxes added to your account may be wireless. That wireless connection means you can move your TV around your home and even several feet outside your home.

  • Video on Demand Upon Request
  • Instant Channel Change
  • Switch easily between SD and HD channels with one click
  • Rewind TV
  • Parental Controls and Adult Locking

TV Supreme: 70+ Additional Channels


*HD TV requires a subscription to Internet service.



Your WCFIBER Voice service includes these calling features free:

• Call Forwarding
• Calling Number Delivery
• On-screen Caller ID (When you also have WCFIBER HD TV service)
• Call Waiting
• Call Waiting Deluxe
• Automatic Recall
• Voicemail
• Voicemail to Email

Add Long Distance for just $5.95/month (Calling Area: Lower 48 States and Canada).

*Voice requires a subscription to Internet service.



Upgrade your WCFIBER High Speed Internet service by adding DeviceLink, which will allow you to enjoy a worry-free wireless experience. DeviceLink is a managed WiFi service that ensures that you are getting the best Internet connection within your home for all your devices.

• Installation of a high-end wireless router
• Password protection of your wireless network
• Set-up of all select devices in the home at the time of installation
• A single point of contact for tech support, available 24/7
• Assistance when adding additional devices

Whole Home DVR

Upgrade your WCFIBER TV Service by adding Whole Home DVR!

  • Pause live TV.
  • Record a season of your favorite shows.
  • Rewind and Fast Forward through recorded programs. 
  • Watch your recorded shows on any set top box in your home.

Zones In Service

Areas where service is currently available.

Zones In Pre-Registration

Areas where a goal must be met before service will be made available.

Net Neutrality

9:17am December 18, 2017

You’ve probably seen headlines about today’s FCC vote to remove 2015 internet regulations often called net neutrality. At WCFIBER, we can't speak for other providers, but we do not throttle, cap or prioritize web usage for our customers and we have no plans to start. We understand that many people have concerns about this ruling, but please know WCFIBER has no plans to make changes to our service. Our single concern is giving you the best internet experience available today and in the future.
NTCA — The Rural Broadband Association, which represents WCFIBER and other small rural telcos, recently testified before a congressional committee about the legislation. If you’d like more details on NTCA’s position, you can read the testimony here: http://www.ntca.org/images/stories/Documents/Press_Center/2017_Releases/ntcawrittentestimony_hjc_romanofinal.pdf


1:44pm January 17, 2017

WCFIBER will be doing maintenance that will affect the below listed customers during the below listed times.

Maintenance Window:
January 18, 2017 ---  0:00AM - 5:00AM

Affected areas:
Clary Cut Rd, Kelly Acres Rd, Matts Lane, Willow Oak Village, and Brigadier Landing

Your service should not be affected for more than one hour in the above maintenance window. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you,

WCFIBER Customer Service

2016 in Review

5:05pm December 29, 2016

2016 was a game-changer for many Columbia County neighborhoods. WCFIBER built out fiber network to nine different areas, delivering speeds up to 1 Gigabit – that’s 1,000 Mbps – and high-end TV entertainment.  

WCFIBER now serves:
Willow Oak Village
Southwind Village
Brigadier Landing
Whispering Pines
The Retreat
Clary Cut Rd, Kelly Acres Rd, and Matts Lane  

What impact has this fiber expansion had on Columbia County?
For many, we have provided a solution light years ahead of what they were hampered with before. In some areas, like Graystone, we are serving nearly 100% of the homes, a true testament to the need for a better internet experience with WCFIBER. 

What does 2017 hold for Columbia County and WCFIBER?
We have expansions plans for additional new developments in 2017. We are looking to add 6-7 more neighborhoods to that list. We welcome your suggestions.

Clary Cut, Kelly Acres, and Matts Lane Update

9:10am December 9, 2016

Good morning!

We will soon be completing construction in your neighborhood. Call us today to get your first month of service free, while we are still in the area! Call our offices at (844) 303-4237 during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm, to place your order. 

Thank you if you have already placed an order, we look forward to serving you with the fastest and most reliable internet service in the area!

Have a great day!

WCFIBER Customer Service

Clary Cut, Kelly Acres, and Matts Lane Update

9:00am December 9, 2016

Good morning!

We will soon be completing construction in your neighborhood. Call us today to get your first month of service free, while we are still in the area! Call our offices at (844) 303-4237 during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm, to place your order. 

Have a great day!

WCFIBER Customer Service

Clary Cut, Kelly Acres, and Matts Lane Update

4:47pm October 31, 2016

Please review the updated schedule below affecting Clary Cut Rd, Kelly Acres Rd, and Matts Ln customers. Due to permitting issues and unforeseen difficulties with construction, there have been some slight delays to the schedule. 

Progress Report:
Mainline Construction - 90% complete
Service Drop Installation - 50% complete

Updated Schedule:
Complete Mainline Construction – Week of 11/7
Begin Customer Service Installations – Week of 11/14
Complete Service Drop Installation – Week of 11/14
Complete Customer Service Installations – Week of 12/12

Should you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at (844) 303-4237.

Thank you!

WCFIBER Customer Service

Game Day at Lady Antebellum Amphitheater UPDATE

4:38pm October 7, 2016

GameDayLadyALogoDue to the weather conditions and the Carolina-UGA game being moved, this event will now take place on Sunday. WCFIBER will be at the Game Day at Lady A event in Evans, GA. Stop by this free event to watch the football games, listen to local bands, and visit with local vendors! 

Sunday, October 9, 2016
1PM - 11PM
Evans Towne Center Park

Visit www.gamedayladya.com for updates and more information

We hope to see you there!

WCFIBER Customer Service

Game Day at Lady Antebellum Amphitheater

8:41am October 3, 2016

GameDayLadyALogoThis weekend, WCFIBER will be at the Game Day at Lady A event in Evans, GA. Stop by this free event to watch the football games, listen to local bands, and visit with local vendors! 

Saturday, October 8, 2016
12PM - 11PM
Evans Towne Center Park

Visit www.gamedayladya.com for updates and more information

We hope to see you there!

WCFIBER Customer Service

Clary Cut, Kelly Acres, and Matts Lane Tentative Schedule

8:35am September 29, 2016

We have some exciting news for our Clary Cut Rd, Kelly Acres, and Matts Lane residents! Construction will begin in your area soon, please refer to the tentative schedule below for the estimated progress dates!

Start Mainline Construction - October 3
Start Placing Drops - October 10
Start Installing Customers - October 17
Finish Mainline Construction - October 21
Finish Placing Drops - November 4
All Customer Installs Complete - December 1

Please call or email us with any questions or concerns!

WCFIBER Customer Service


Clary Cut, Kelly Acres, and Matts Lane Progress Update

8:16am August 30, 2016

Great news! We have met our goal in the Clary Cut Rd, Kelly Acres, and Matts Lane area. Our engineers are designing the network and lining up construction teams for the area. We will send out another update once the project timeline is nailed down, progress will be made quickly and you should receive an update soon. Thanks for your interest in WCFIBER services, spread the word to your neighbors! 

Clary Cut, Kelly Acres, and Matts Lane Update

10:14am August 18, 2016

Good morning!

We currently have 31 signed service agreements out of the 65 needed to begin construction. Our WCFIBER sales representative will continue to visit with residents in your neighborhood. Tell your neighbors about WCFIBER services so we can begin construction as soon as possible! Please email wcfiber@wctel.net if you have not yet signed a service agreement and would like to schedule a meeting with our sales representative.

Have a great day!

WCFIBER Customer Service

WCFIBER is coming to Graystone!

4:41pm July 13, 2016

WCFIBER is excited to announce that we have successfully reached our goal at Graystone with more than 90% of residents signing up for our services. We will begin construction in the next few weeks and hope to have services available within the next two months! Thanks to all the Graystone residents for helping make this a successful partnership!

Canterbury Farms WCFIBER Update

5:16pm April 20, 2016

Thank you for your interest in WCFIBER services. Canterbury Farms recently reached it's initial goal of interested customers. At this time we will move forward with an investigation that includes an engineering study, marketing plan, and an official offer to your subdivision so that construction can begin. WCFIBER will contact you once the study has been completed. Thanks again for your interest!  

Canterbury Farms almost to goal!

11:41am April 6, 2016

We are over halfway to our goal – 65% – in Canterbury Farms. It’s time to get the buzz going across the neighborhood to help get us over the finish line to bring fiber here. Encourage your neighbors to visit https://join.wcfiber.net/ and register. Use the sharing tools on the site, including Facebook, email, and more, to help spread the word and try to get Canterbury Farms across the fiber finish line. 

Why are we bringing fiber to Columbia County?

3:47pm February 4, 2016

WCFIBER is owned and operated by West Carolina Tel (WCTEL) in Abbeville, SC, serving areas just across the Georgia/South Carolina line since 1952 (Service map shown below). WCTEL has a long history of providing fiber, including Internet speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps), high definition TV and quality voice services. WCTEL employees take great care in providing outstanding customer service, making the same commitment to its WCFIBER customers. 

We were approached by Columbia County in 2015 after the county had built a fiber backbone. Knowing our experience in delivering fiber services, the county approached us about extending this fiber backbone into neighborhoods to provide these advanced services. We selected six neighborhoods to start. We hope to expand well beyond these initial areas. That's why we established this website to help us pinpoint where to go next. We believe that fiber offers the best experience. Won't you join the crowd in bringing the WCFIBER GigCommunity to your neighborhood?

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WCFIBER Campaign - Suzanne Mora

11:00am August 10, 2019

Suzanne Mora

How many people do you need to register/ show interest to come to a neighborhood?

WCFIBER Campaign - Kristin Austin

9:05am September 16, 2018

Kristin Austin

Please come to Aiken, SC! Our current location has no service at all as it is a newly built equestrian community. Many customers in the area will be running businesses out of their farms and are in desperate need of high speed, reliable internet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into Aiken!!!

WCFIBER Campaign - tina smith

8:28pm July 12, 2018

tina smith

Come on to Greenwood, SC please and put Northland in the dirt, please.

WCFIBER Campaign - Cheryl Smith

1:09pm June 21, 2018

Cheryl Smith

Any plans to provide services in Arlington or McConnell Run in Appling?? Higher speeds definitely needed in the area..

WCFIBER Campaign - Virginia Harmon

10:13am March 7, 2018

Virginia Harmon
Campaign Owner

Thanks for registering for WCFIBER Services, Brandon! We would love to have your neighbors sign up online as well, we are building to the areas with the most interest! You can register on our Greenwood site at www.GigUpGreenwood.com!

WCFIBER Campaign - Brannon Lagrone

6:00pm March 6, 2018

Brannon Lagrone

Hello WCFiber! I would like to recommend that you come and visit the people living in and around Lagrone Rd, on the outskirts of Hodges SC. The competition in the area is almost nonexistent, consisting of Centurylink (who only provide speeds up to 2 MB/s in our area) and Northland Cable, who only service around half of the neighborhood to begin with. Everyone here is aching for change, and I think you guys would be the perfect providers of just that! If you have any questions about if it's a good investment, I would seriously recommend putting some guys on the ground to see how many backers in our area you have. I'm certain it's more than you expect! Have a wonderful day, and please consider our home. Thanks!

WCFIBER Campaign - David Brown

12:56am February 12, 2018

David Brown

Please come to Hidden Creek, we are across the street from Kelarie

WCFIBER Campaign - Andrew Damm

6:03pm July 25, 2017

Andrew Damm

Please reconsider advertising in the Reynolds Pond neighborhood. Your competition in my area is WOW.. Please come kick them out, they are the WORST!

WCFIBER Campaign - Briana Spearman

2:02am April 12, 2017

Briana Spearman

There is no internet service where I live in Starr, SC. There is a tower in my back yard, literally.. my back yard, with fiber optic cables run to it. Everyone on my road consists of older people. My mom lives next door to me and she and I both want fast internet that is not Hughes Net, who are the WORST. I'm an online gamer, artist, movie fanatic, a heavy user overall and would love for you to come here. I got a brochure on my fence saying that my community is now a 1 gig community. I hope ya'll are bringing it here, you'd be life savers!

WCFIBER Campaign - Wesley Welton

8:22am January 26, 2017

Wesley Welton

Your services would be perfect for Grimaud Farms neighborhood on Arthur Grimaud Way in Appling, GA. There are all new homes on this street and we have no services other than satellite in this area. I guarantee that most everyone on the street be interested in this type of service. Thank you.

WCFIBER Campaign - Louis Forti

10:00am December 30, 2016

Louis Forti

You need to come to Pine Bluff. I know tons of people here that will sign up immediately.

WCFIBER Campaign - Alex Zyjewski

12:41am November 7, 2016

Alex Zyjewski

I really wish I could get this in my neighborhood but sadly my neighborhood is too old and the residence are of he older kind and don't know why this is a great thing to have in thearea. SO tired of dealing with SOW! MISSED so much work because of them in the past 6 weeks it is utterly rediculous. Please WCFIBET come to Silver Lake

WCFIBER Campaign - James Rivers

9:45pm October 25, 2016

James Rivers

Looks like Pine Bluff is a lost cause. I did not want my yard dug up anyway. Wireless is the Future WC. You are petting a dead dog, as the ole saying goes.

WCFIBER Campaign - Jonathan Gibbs

2:16pm October 7, 2016

Jonathan Gibbs

Come make yourself know in Pine Bluff, one neighborhood over they were just given fiber optic, surely if people know who you are, the 33 people needed will sign on.

WCFIBER Campaign - David Brown

12:19pm September 1, 2016

David Brown

Hidden Creek please

WCFIBER Campaign - Donald  Allen

2:41pm August 3, 2016

Donald Allen

There is no cable or internet that is currently available on Clary Cut Rd and your asking residents to go online and set up an account to reach a certain goal to bring this to our Road. How is this possible if there is currently NO INTERNET available in this area to get online?

WCFIBER Campaign - Matthew Harper

9:40am July 7, 2016

Matthew Harper

This may be a dumb question, but is there any way to get enough interest to create a named Zone that would include Nicole's Cove? I am pretty sure I could guarantee at least 50% of the homes in there. I'd be happy to lobby to get them registered here if there were a zone that encompassed us and probably a lot of Sugar Creek would have interest. There is a Fire Station very close by and if I understand correctly, it is already wired. That station is practically in Sugar Creek. Thank you.

WCFIBER Campaign - joanne reese

10:29am April 15, 2016

joanne reese

Sorry, but each time I give my address, it gives the wrong town. I am in Grovetown not Harlem. I live in Canterbury Farms and trying to get on the Canterbury Farms list for service.

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