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CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

11:00AM August 10, 2019

Suzanne Mora

How many people do you need to register/ show interest to come to a neighborhood?

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

9:05AM September 16, 2018

Kristin Austin

Please come to Aiken, SC! Our current location has no service at all as it is a newly built equestrian community. Many customers in the area will be running businesses out of their farms and are in desperate need of high speed, reliable internet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into Aiken!!!

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

8:28PM July 12, 2018

tina smith

Come on to Greenwood, SC please and put Northland in the dirt, please.

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

1:09PM June 21, 2018

Cheryl Smith

Any plans to provide services in Arlington or McConnell Run in Appling?? Higher speeds definitely needed in the area..

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

10:13AM March 07, 2018

Virginia Harmon

Thanks for registering for WCFIBER Services, Brandon! We would love to have your neighbors sign up online as well, we are building to the areas with the most interest! You can register on our Greenwood site at www.GigUpGreenwood.com!

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

6:00PM March 06, 2018

Brannon Lagrone

Hello WCFiber! I would like to recommend that you come and visit the people living in and around Lagrone Rd, on the outskirts of Hodges SC. The competition in the area is almost nonexistent, consisting of Centurylink (who only provide speeds up to 2 MB/s in our area) and Northland Cable, who only service around half of the neighborhood to begin with. Everyone here is aching for change, and I think you guys would be the perfect providers of just that! If you have any questions about if it's a good investment, I would seriously recommend putting some guys on the ground to see how many backers in our area you have. I'm certain it's more than you expect! Have a wonderful day, and please consider our home. Thanks!

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

12:56AM February 12, 2018

David Brown

Please come to Hidden Creek, we are across the street from Kelarie

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

6:03PM July 25, 2017

Andrew Damm

Please reconsider advertising in the Reynolds Pond neighborhood. Your competition in my area is WOW.. Please come kick them out, they are the WORST!

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

2:02AM April 12, 2017

Briana Spearman

There is no internet service where I live in Starr, SC. There is a tower in my back yard, literally.. my back yard, with fiber optic cables run to it. Everyone on my road consists of older people. My mom lives next door to me and she and I both want fast internet that is not Hughes Net, who are the WORST. I'm an online gamer, artist, movie fanatic, a heavy user overall and would love for you to come here. I got a brochure on my fence saying that my community is now a 1 gig community. I hope ya'll are bringing it here, you'd be life savers!

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

8:22AM January 26, 2017

Wesley Welton

Your services would be perfect for Grimaud Farms neighborhood on Arthur Grimaud Way in Appling, GA. There are all new homes on this street and we have no services other than satellite in this area. I guarantee that most everyone on the street be interested in this type of service. Thank you.

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

10:00AM December 30, 2016

Louis Forti

You need to come to Pine Bluff. I know tons of people here that will sign up immediately.

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

12:41AM November 07, 2016

Alex Zyjewski

I really wish I could get this in my neighborhood but sadly my neighborhood is too old and the residence are of he older kind and don't know why this is a great thing to have in thearea. SO tired of dealing with SOW! MISSED so much work because of them in the past 6 weeks it is utterly rediculous. Please WCFIBET come to Silver Lake

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

9:45PM October 25, 2016

James Rivers

Looks like Pine Bluff is a lost cause. I did not want my yard dug up anyway. Wireless is the Future WC. You are petting a dead dog, as the ole saying goes.

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

2:16PM October 07, 2016

Jonathan Gibbs

Come make yourself know in Pine Bluff, one neighborhood over they were just given fiber optic, surely if people know who you are, the 33 people needed will sign on.

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

12:19PM September 01, 2016

David Brown

Hidden Creek please

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

2:41PM August 03, 2016

Donald Allen

There is no cable or internet that is currently available on Clary Cut Rd and your asking residents to go online and set up an account to reach a certain goal to bring this to our Road. How is this possible if there is currently NO INTERNET available in this area to get online?

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

9:40AM July 07, 2016

Matthew Harper

This may be a dumb question, but is there any way to get enough interest to create a named Zone that would include Nicole's Cove? I am pretty sure I could guarantee at least 50% of the homes in there. I'd be happy to lobby to get them registered here if there were a zone that encompassed us and probably a lot of Sugar Creek would have interest. There is a Fire Station very close by and if I understand correctly, it is already wired. That station is practically in Sugar Creek. Thank you.

CrowdFiber Campaign - Customer Admin

10:29AM April 15, 2016

joanne reese

Sorry, but each time I give my address, it gives the wrong town. I am in Grovetown not Harlem. I live in Canterbury Farms and trying to get on the Canterbury Farms list for service.