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6:19PM January 05, 2020


The residents of Rustic Chase subdivision off E Scotch Cross Road are very interested in WCFiber. The Greenwood end of E Scotch Cross is fairly densely developed with middle class and upper middle class housing, really all the way to the town of Ninety Six. As I type this comment, I am in a HOA text group with my neighbors discussing our desire for WCFiber service. I would also be interested in the possibility of WCTel TV service as i think it would compare favorably to my current Dish Network. Please investigate this area as i don't think it is quite as rural as you may believe and is currently under served by other providers.

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10:50PM April 04, 2020

Victoria Gillespie
Rhett, we are further down E Scotch Cross and we have expressed interest in WCTel as well. We have discussed it with many neighbors, especially since we have no internet providers other than HughesNet offered in our area with most homes being occupied by families with children.