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1:08PM March 05, 2020

Timothy Walker

I live less than a mile north on Highway 10 from the new telecommunication tower (Verizon) going up right now in the town of Troy. I have a Bradley address but I'm 0.3 of a mile from the town limit of Troy. We have another tower (AT&T) going up on Eden Hall Road, just over the McCormick county line. As you know, these towers require fiber optics. So my question is from which direction will the fiber optics cable be running and why are you not now offering your services to our incorporated town? Century link connectivity is ludicrous down here and our area is being ignored. I pay $89 a month for 25 Mbps . On a good days which are rare, I actually only get 9 Mbps. I've had dial-up connectivity that was faster. To have always been a leader in the industry with the reputation of making rural households a priority, it is very frustrating that you can't accommodate this southernmost tip of Greenwood County. Have you looked at the geography of this area? I would appreciate a conversation with someone who can explain why we are being ignored while we are 12 miles from Lake Thurmond, Savannah Lakes, and minutes away from the second largest metropolitan market in the entire state of Georgia.....Augusta, GA.