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February Construction Update

10:58AM January 28, 2020

  • Areas Complete
    • Village at Midtown
    • Downtown Business District
    • Evans Pond, Wheatfield
    • Barrington Apts (Phase 1)
    • Quarter Path 
  • Areas In Progress
    • Smith Subdivision
    • Oak View Hgts, Edgefield Hgts, Prowden Lots
    • W J Wells, Franklin Sub, Wells Sub
    • Brooklane, Green Acres, Henrietta Hgts, Laurel Hill, Northcrest
    • Hampton Trace
    • Orchard Park
    • Karlie Hill, Auburn Place, Kathwood, Dutton, Laurel Wood, Laurel Acres 

  • Up Next
    • Jessamine Park, Greenwood Mill Village
    • Bungalo Heights
    • Northgate, Northridge, Stelaway Colony
    • Blakedale, Edgemere

Photos with Santa

1:51PM December 05, 2019

December Construction Update

9:20AM December 03, 2019

  • Areas Complete
    • Simpson Sub, Wideman Sub, Crestview, Walnut Hgts, Brentwood Hills
    • Avondale, Brentwood Hills
    • Milford Pines, Smithfield, Tangleweed
    • Abners Acres, Pine Grove, Alta Vista, Stalnaker
    • Smith Estates
    • Dalewood Estates, Homestead Acres
  • Areas In Progress
    • Downtown Business District
    • Smith Subdivision
    • Oak View Hgts, Edgefield Hgts, Prowden Lots
    • W J Wells, Franklin Sub, Wells Sub
    • Evans Pond, Wheatfield
    • Brooklane, Green Acres, Henrietta Hgts, Laurel Hill, Northcrest
  • Up Next
    • Hampton Trace
    • Orchard Park
    • Karlie Hill, Auburn Place, Kathwood, Dutton, Laurel Wood, Laurel Acres
    • Quarterpath

November Construction Update

1:13PM November 04, 2019

  • Areas Complete
    • Apartment Complexes – Huntington, Deerfield, Foxfield, Wood Glen
    • Simpson Subdivison, Wideman Subdivision, Crestview, Walnut Heights
    • Avondale, Brentwood Hills
    • Smith Estates
    • Dalewood Estates, Homestead Acres
  • Areas In Progress
    • Milford Pines, Smithfield, Tangleweed
    • Abners Acres, Pine Grove, Alta Vista, Stalnaker
    • Wheatfield, Evans Pond
    • Downtown Business District
  • Up Next
    • Smith Subdivision
    • Oak View Heights, Edgefield Heights, Prowden Lots
    • W J Wells, Franklin Subdivision, Wells Subdivision

2019 Halloween Photo Contest

11:03AM October 03, 2019

2019 Halloween Photo Contest

Open to all kids ages 12 and under!

This Halloween, WCFIBER is opening the annual photo contest to all residents within our service area, submissions must be entered by the legal guardian. Both the legal guardian and the child must live in the WCFIBER service area.

Q: Where do I submit my photo(s)?

A: Email your photo(s) to: PhotoContest@wctel.net

Q: How many photos can I submit?

A: Please submit one photo of each eligible participant.

Q: Is there a deadline to submit photos?

A: The deadline to submit is NOVEMBER 1 @ 4PM. Any photos submitted after this date will not be eligible for the contest.

Q: How can I access the contest?
A: All photos will be posted on the WCFIBER Facebook page on November 1 and the three photos with the most likes on November 8 by 11AM will win a prize.



All photos will be posted to WCFIBER’s Facebook page and the three photos with the most likes will win a prize.


·         Contest is open to all residents in WCFIBER’s service area who are aged 12 and under.

·         All photos must be submitted by the legal guardian.

·         All photos submitted may be posted on WCFIBER’s facebook page.

·         WCFIBER receives the rights to use submitted photos in current or future promotions.

·         WCFIBER reserves the right to not post any photos that do not conform to these guidelines.

Submission guidelines:

-          Photos must be submitted by parent or guardian of eligible participant.

-          All participants must reside in the WCFIBER service area.

-          Digital Photos must be in a high quality JPEG/JPG format.

-          Photos must be appropriate for public viewing.

-          Photos must be submitted by NOVEMBER 1 @ 4PM.

October Construction Update

10:50AM October 01, 2019

  • Areas Complete
    • Downtown (South Montague)
    • Pine Acres, Pineridge, Dixie Drive
    • Hyde Park, Pepperhill
    • Woodcrest
    • Friendfield
    • Avalon
  • Areas In Progress
    • Simpson Sub, Wideman Sub, Crestview, Walnut Hgts, Brentwood Hills
    • Avondale, Brentwood Hills
    • Milford Pines, Smithfield, Tangleweed
    • Abners Acres, Pine Grove, Alta Vista, Stalnaker
    • Apartment Complexes – Huntington, Deerfield, Foxfield, Wood Glen
  • Up Next
    • Smith Estates
    • Downtown Business District
    • Dalewood Estates, Homestead Acres

September Construction PICTURE Update

8:34AM September 25, 2019

The WCFIBER construction team is working hard in Greenwood to bring fiber services to more areas! Make sure to register your interest so we can contact you when service is available to your area!





11:07AM September 23, 2019

WCFIBER offers reliable, fast internet. Make the most of it with a WiFi connection that won’t leave you floundering. Did you know the WiFi in your house can be affected by things other than the speed of the Internet we provide? Read on to learn about the top four things you can do to get you best WiFi signal.

1.        Use the latest and best hardware. Not all wireless routers are created equal. Older routers are not equipped to handle today’s Internet speeds, and even some new routers don’t have the capacity to deliver high speeds wirelessly. We recommend our WiFi router for the best experience.

2.      Put your router in the right place. The location of your router is the next most important part of having a great WiFi signal. Putting your router inside a cabinet, behind a wall, or next to something metal can weaken the signal. Routers are most effective when they are out in the open. Also, if you have a choice, put the router higher rather than lower—on a top shelf or on your second floor.

3.      Beware of appliances. Certain home appliances, particularly things like microwave ovens or wireless phones, can have adverse effects on your WiFi signal. Place your router farther from these appliances.

4.      Password-protect your WiFi signal. Having a WiFi signal with no password protection is an invitation to anybody to use your internet. That can also affect your WiFi experience. Put a password on your WiFi signal (we can help!) and make it a strong one. Not sure how to choose a strong password? Here’s a fun infographic that gives you some tips.


The WCFIBER team knows that strong WiFi can make or break your internet experience. Let us help you set up the best connection for your home! WCFIBER now offers 3 WiFi packages: WiFi Standard, WiFi Extended, and WiFi Premium.

August Construction Update

11:08AM August 06, 2019

  • Areas Complete
    • Rock Knoll, Glendale Hgts, The Oaks, Old Mill TH
    • Windtree
    • Mathis Rd, Towers Dr, Hwy 72 Byp
    • Lauren Circle area
    • Fairway Court
    • Emerald Colony Apts
    • Pine Acres, Pineridge, Dixie Drive
    • Woodcrest
    • Friendfield
  • Areas In Progress
    • Downtown (South Montague)
    • Hyde Park, Pepperhill
    • Simpson Sub, Wideman Sub, Crestview, Walnut Hgts, Brentwood Hills
    • Avondale, Brentwood Hills
    • Milford Pines, Smithfield, Tangleweed
  • Up Next
    • Avalon
    • Downtown District
    • Huntington Apartment Complexes

July Construction Update

9:16AM July 02, 2019

Areas Completed
• Maxwell Springs, Jenkins Spring, Ellenwood, Page Place, Pebble Creek
• St Kitts, Winding Creek
• Sparrow Rd Addition
• Hwy 72 Trunk Route (FJ289, FJ337, FJ409)
• Mayapple

Areas In Progress
• Downtown (South Montague)
• Rock Knoll,Glendale Hgts, The Oaks, Old Mill TH
• Pine Acres, Pineridge, Dixie Drive
• Windtree
• Woodcrest
• Mathis Rd, Towers Dr, Hwy 72 Byp

Up Next
 Avalon, Lauren Circle
 Fairway Ct
 Emerald Colony Apt
 Simpson Sub, Wideman Sub, Crestview, Walnut Hgts, Brentwood Hills

 Downtown District

June Construction PICTURE Update

8:59AM June 19, 2019

The WCFIBER construction team is working hard in Greenwood to bring fiber services to more areas! Make sure to register your interest so we can contact you when service is available to your area!


June Construction Update

1:18PM June 07, 2019

  • Areas Completed
    • Summerhill, Ammonwood
    • Hyde Park, Kay Sub, Pepperhill, Sunnydale, Baker Place
    • Spring Lake, Ponderosa Hgts
    • Windsor Oaks Apts
    • Windtree Apts – buildings 109, 111, & 113
    • Milling
  • Areas In Progress
    • Downtown (South Montague)
    • Hwy 72 Trunk Route
    • Rock Knoll,Glendale Hgts, Greenbriar, Fox Hollow
    • Maxwell Springs, Jenkins Spring, Ellenwood, Page Place, Pebble Creek
    • St Kitts, Winding Creek, Holly Tree
    • Pine Acres, Pineridge, Dixie Drive
  • Up Next
    • Green Pointe, Summerbrook Condos
    • Avalon, Lauren Circle
    • Windtree, Amber Chase


9:50AM May 28, 2019

Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to drink cool drinks, enjoy time with family and friends, and use tech to beat the heat. Here’s a few recommendations for some gear designed just for this hot season!

  1. Bring the noise. Catch up on your favorite shows while traveling or lounging without the bother of outside racket by investing in a pair of wireless, noise-cancelling headphones.
  2. It’s a jam session. Listen to tunes or watch a movie together with the Belkin RockStar 5-Jack Multi Headphone Audio Splitter, which features five headphone jacks for those times when your posse wants to listen to the same jams, poolside, but a boom box is forbidden.
  3. Movies al fresco. Enjoy your favorite movies outdoors with a projector and wifi internet connection. Hang a white sheet, spread out some blankets and pop some popcorn.
  4. Fire it up. Camping is made easier with the Biolite CampStove 2, a combination personal fire, camp stove, and—yes—USB charger. Keep your marshmallows roasting and your phone or tablet battery full.
  5. Time for the smartwatch. Smartwatches are more than a fad. For many people, they are like a digital personal assistant constantly encouraging you to be active and stay healthy. Summer is a great time to get started with a smartwatch, when you won’t mind being reminded to go for a little walk now and then. For a helpful start, PC Magazine reviewed the best smartwatches of 2018.

Happy summer! And if you have your own favorite summer gadgets, let us know what they are!

May Construction Update

2:12PM May 13, 2019

Construction Complete:

Grand Harbor Cedarbrooke Windsor Oaks Briar Cliff
Summer Pointe Devon Park Kimbrook Connie Maxwell
Pucketts Ferry Woodhaven Sunset Summerhill
Cedar Lake Heritage West Sagewood Ammonwood

Construction in Progress (April-June):

Milling Sunnydale Ellenwood Old Mill
Spring Lake Miller Estates Page Place Glendale Heights
Ponderosa Heights Pepperhill A P Neal St Kitts
Hyde Park Silvers Subdivision Pebble Creek Winding Creek
Kay Subdivision Maxwell Springs Rock Knoll Woodcrest
Baker Place Jenkins Spring


Upcoming construction (July-Sept):

Avalon Milford Pines Fellabrook Abners Acres
Lauren Circle Smithfield Willows Pine Grove
Avondale Tanglewood Winger Rd Stalnaker

Lakelands Business Expo

9:01AM March 11, 2019

December Construction Update

10:35AM December 06, 2018

Construction Complete

Sheffield Subdivision

Beckridge Subdivision

Westwood Subdivision

1400-1403, 1407, 1408, 1410, 1413, 1416, 1430 Hwy 72 W

Quail Run Ct

Curl Creek Townhouses

Autumn Trace

Abbey West

Curl Creek Commons

Devon Park

Milford Manor

Mimosa Green


Construction Complete by Year End

106-210 Byp 225 S

607, 1201-1306 Hwy 72 W

Kimbrook Subdivision

Lodge West

Lodge Grounds

1220-1435 Calhoun Rd

407, 408, 410 Mauldin Rd

106-324 Old Abbeville Hwy


Construction in Progress

Briarcliff Subdivision

102, 104, 108, 112, 356 Cooper Rd

Jamison St

517, 603, 610, 701, 711, 719, 916, 918 Lowell Ave

202-235 Mathis St

1102-1410 McCormick Hwy

Nixon Cir

106-111 Prosperity Dr

Sagewood Subdivision

Sunset Dr Subdivision

124-403 Terrell Smith Av

Cedar Lake Subdivision

Cedarbrook Subdivision

475-583 Byp 72 NW

201-259 Hospitality Blvd

Grand Harbor

Pucketts Ferry Rd

Clean up in Uptown areas

Snap & Snack: FREE Photos and Cocoa with Santa!

11:17AM December 05, 2018

October Construction Update

4:22PM October 24, 2018

Areas In Progress

Laurel St, Gracemont

Stoney Point

Hidden Creek Apts

Sheffield, Westwood, Quail Run, Beckridge

Curl Creek, Autumn Trace, Abbey West, Timber Place

Lodge Grounds, Greenwood Country Club, Kimbrook


Later this Year

Downtown Business Area (South Montague)

Grand Harbor

Devon Park, Woodhaven, Heritage West, Windsor Oaks, Quarterpath, Kimbrook


1st Quarter of 2019

Sunset Dr, Sagewood, Briar Cliff, Club Crossing, Connie Maxwell

Royal Oak, Cedar Lake, Fairway Ct, Cedarbrooke

Pucketts Ferry


2:12PM September 12, 2018

WCFIBER Office Now Open in Greenwood

3:10PM August 29, 2018

Good news for Greenwood residents!!

WCFIBER now has an office in Greenwood.

Located at 1303 Montague Ave Ext, open M-F 8AM-5PM.

Stop by for information or to place your order with WCFIBER!


Attention Lodge Grounds Residents!

10:20AM August 06, 2018

 Dear Lodge Grounds, Lodge West Condiminiums, & Lodge West Carriage Homes Residents, 

We have some EXCITING NEWS! Your neighborhood COULD BE the next WCFIBER service area. These services include High Speed Internet (up to 1 Gbps), HD TV, and Unlimited Long Distance, all over a fiber connection!

 Thank you to those who have registered your interest on the GigUpGreenwood.com site. WCFIBER is now ready to take your order! To help reach 70 orders and bring fiber to your neighborhood, please place your order now at www.wcfiber.net/greenwood. Or you can call at 1-844-303-4237 M-F 8am-5pm, and we would be happy to take your order.

ALSO, Join us next week for a short presentation on WCFIBER services and get your questions answered! WCFIBER representatives will be there with materials and to take your order. Light refreshments will be served. More details below.

 WCFIBER Meet & Greet (& Eat!)

Greenwood Country Club

Thursday, August 9 | 5pm - 7pm


We hope to see you there!

WCFIBER presents the Lakelands Business Expo TOMORROW

8:26AM March 26, 2018

WCFIBER is excited to present the Lakelands Business Expo tomorrow!! Come to this great event and stop by our table! We hope to see you there!


Tuesday, March 27 | 5:30-8:00PM

Piedmont Technical College | James Medford Center | Greenwood, SC

Over 70 Participating Vendors

Connect, Network, Be Inspired, & Have Fun!

Door Prize Giveaways from Lakelands Businesses

Taste of Greenwood: Complimentary Food from Restaurants

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1248058265325389/ 

Happy National Groundhog Day!

1:25PM February 02, 2018

Are you feeling like Phil (Bill Murray) from Groundhog Day, where every day is the same old, tired repeat with your internet connection? WCFIBER wants to help you change that. 

As you may know, we've been busy building in 17 different Greenwood neighborhoods and have a several more planned for 2018. Here's where you come in...

Tell your neighbors to register. Make sure you have registered. The registrations we receive will influence our construction plans so the more we have for your area, the better the odds are you can stop repeating "Phil's" terrible day and get better internet, TV and unlimited voice. 

January Construction Update

10:35AM January 19, 2018

Hello all! Thanks to everyone who has registered on our site! Our updated construction schedule is listed below. If you are in one of the areas mentioned below, the next step is to place your order. If you have registered on the GigUpGreenwood website, a WCFIBER Representative will be contacting you soon to place your order. Or you can place your order online at wcfiber.net/greenwood or by phone at 1-844-303-4237 (M-F, 8am-5pm). We look forward to hearing from you!

Greenwood High Area – In Progress

    Belle Meade – Scheduled Completion 1/26/18.

    Wellington Green – Scheduled Completion 2/9/18.

    Northlake/Rock Creek – Scheduled Completion 2/23/18.

Up Next

    Gatewood – Begins 1/23/18.

    Chinquapin / Fawnbrook – Concurrent with Gatewood, starting a couple of weeks later.

    Uptown / Montague Ave – Begins 2/5.


    Regency Park

    Hunter's Creek

    Centre Court

    Country Meadows

    Harris Mill

    Forest Lake


    Locksley Hall


    Druid Hills

    Forest Hills

    Cherokee Hills


December Construction Update

9:55AM December 21, 2017

2017 has been a year of success for WCFIBER's expansion into Greenwood! Here's to 2018 being filled with even more successful neighborhoods! We hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See our construction updates below:

    • Harris Mill – complete.
    • Forest Lake – complete.
    • Cobblestone – complete.
    • Locksley Hall – complete.
    • Idlewood – complete.
    • Druid Hills – complete.
    • Forest Hills – complete.
    • Cherokee Hills – complete.
    • Canterbury – 90% complete.  Should be ready for installs 1st half of January.
    • Belle Meade / Northlake – 80% complete.  Should be ready for installs 2nd half of January.
    • Rock Creek – 60% complete.  Ready end of January.
    • Wellington Green – 60% complete.  Ready end of January.
    • Northwoods – 75% complete.  Ready end of January.

If you are in one of these neighborhoods, please call our office at 844-303-4237 to sign up. If you’re not in an active area, please pre-register – and encourage your neighbors to pre-register – to let us know you are interested in bringing fiber to your area. We continue to look for new areas to expand to as we cover Greenwood with fiber!

Net Neutrality

9:14AM December 18, 2017

You’ve probably seen headlines about today’s FCC vote to remove 2015 internet regulations often called net neutrality. At WCFIBER, we can't speak for other providers, but we do not throttle, cap or prioritize web usage for our customers and we have no plans to start. We understand that many people have concerns about this ruling, but please know WCFIBER has no plans to make changes to our service. Our single concern is giving you the best internet experience available today and in the future.

NTCA — The Rural Broadband Association, which represents WCFIBER and other small rural telcos, recently testified before a congressional committee about the legislation. If you’d like more details on NTCA’s position, you can read the testimony here: http://www.ntca.org/images/stories/Documents/Press_Center/2017_Releases/ntcawrittentestimony_hjc_romanofinal.pdf

October Construction Update

9:18AM October 25, 2017

 Our construction crews have had a busy fall season so far. A sure “sign” that something is happening in your neighborhood is when you see this sign set up near our trucks.

 We have a number of areas that recently finished construction and services are being installed at homes now.

  •  Harris Mill Phase 1, Forest Lake, and Cobblestone construction has been completed.  We are currently scheduling installs in these three areas.

  •  Harris Mill Phase 2 is 80% complete and installations for those who have already placed orders should begin in early November and possibly near Halloween. What spooktacularly good news!

  •  Locksley Hall construction is a little more than half way done and we hope to begin installs by mid to late November.

  •  Idlewood construction is one-third of the way done. Installs should start by the end of November.

  •  Druid Hills construction is one quarter of the way done and should be ready for installs by end of November.

  •  Forest Hills and Cherokee Hills are scheduled to begin construction within the next few weeks.

 If you are in one of these neighborhoods, please call our office at 844-303-4237 to sign up. If you’re not in an active area, please pre-register – and encourage your neighbors to pre-register – to let us know you are interested in bringing fiber to your area. We continue to look for new areas to expand to as we cover Greenwood with fiber!

Free concert this Thursday…

10:44AM October 03, 2017

Join WCFIBER at Greenwood’s Uptown Live concert this Thursday, October 5 at Countybank Plaza. We are excited to sponsor this fun and FREE event, headlined by The Remedy. Music starts at 5:30, and The Remedy goes on at 6:30. Bring your lawn chairs. Food and beverage vendors available. Be sure to stop by our booth too! We hope to see you there!

Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/uptowngreenwood/events/?ref=page_internal

Straight from the customer’s mouth…

11:47AM September 27, 2017

Dr. Christopher Griffin, DMD, (http://www.drchrisgriffindmd.com) has West Carolina services at his home and is looking forward to when we build WCFIBER into Greenwood where his dentistry practice is located. But, don’t take our word for it. Here’s what he had to say recently:

 “West Carolina’s Customer Service sets them apart.  When I call, I am able to have my issue resolved in a very appropriate amount of time. Service technicians are local and on call whenever needed.   In addition, the service has been fantastic, reliable and the internet is Super-Fast!  I recommend West Carolina to all of my friends.  I can’t wait for them to build to my business in Greenwood. I’m ready to switch over my practice to West Carolina’s WCFIBER now.”

 If you are in Greenwood, please pre-register – and encourage your neighbors to pre-register – to let us know you are interested in bringing fiber to your home or business.

Greenwood Super Networking Event Thank You

9:05AM September 22, 2017

Thanks for stopping by our booth!

WCFIBER was excited to participate and mingle with all the local businesses that make Greenwood awesome. We were honored to have so many people stop by our booth and talk with us about our products and services. Once you register your interest on our site, make sure you tell your neighbors to register too, the more people registered in one area the higher the chance of receiving WCFIBER’s services.

Harris Mill/Summit Place/Forest Lake/Cobblestone Update

2:26PM September 07, 2017


Our crews have made their way to Harris Mill to begin construction in phases throughout the area. Construction has started in Harris Mill (including Summit Place), Cobblestone, and Forest Lake. Construction involves a three-step process:

  1. Crews build the main fiber lines into the community, connecting them back to WCFIBER’s main network. That’s the work you are seeing in the Harris Mill area now.
  2. Next, crews will run the fiber line from the curb up to each home. Only homes that have signed up will see this step so it’s really important to sign up now while the mainline construction is happening. Internet, TV and phone services are available. You may see some paint lines to help tell us where other utilities are located. You won’t see much other disturbance to your yard as we bury the fiber line.
  3. Finally, once the fiber is installed to the outside of the home, an appointment is made to install all services ordered. We expect that those installation appointments will start in October. You’ll get a notice when the outside work is done, telling you that we’re ready for you to make an appointment for the final inside work.

If you are in one of these neighborhoods, please call our office to sign up. If you’re not in an active area, please pre-register – and encourage your neighbors to pre-register – to let us know you are interested in bringing fiber to your area.

Fiber has come to Hunter’s Creek and Centre Court

4:39PM August 30, 2017

Great news, Centre Court and Hunter’s Creek friends! WCFIBER is building fiber in these neighborhood RIGHT NOW. 

You likely have seen construction crews working and some who have placed orders have already have services installed.  Construction will continue through August and installations have already started.  For those who have already signed up, you’ll be contacted for an appointment once the primary construction is done and a connection is made from the curb to the outside of your home.  If you haven’t talked to our team yet, now is the best time to complete your order while our crews are in these two neighborhoods. Call 844-30-FIBER to finish your order, we look forward to talking with you soon!

Construction begins in Harris Mill/Summit Place/Forest Lake/Cobblestone

3:42PM August 24, 2017

WCFIBER has opened up Harris Mill, Summit Place, Forest Lake, and Cobblestone as new areas (“zones”) in Greenwood. WCFIBER has already begun the preliminary construction work. So, if you live in one of these areas, be sure to call our office to place an order today. And, tell your neighbors the good news too.

 You may be wondering what the big deal is that WCFIBER is building FIBER to these neighborhoods. You may even be asking yourself, who needs speeds up to 1,000 Mbps anyway? The Fiber Broadband Association released a 2015 study that found access to fiber had a direct impact on home real estate values. “The boost to the value of a typical home – $5,437 – is roughly equivalent to adding a fireplace, half of a bathroom or a quarter of a swimming pool to the home,” the Association stated in a news release about the study. More and more devices are connected to the Internet, increasing the need for more bandwidth. A WCFIBER connection will future-proof your homes and ensure movie nights aren’t spoiled by buffering and frustrating wait times.

WCFIBER Construction Crews “Lighting Up” Greenwood

4:01PM August 22, 2017

It’s happening, Greenwood.

WCFIBER construction crews are busy in several neighborhoods bringing fiber and Gigabit Internet speeds to Greenwood. It is time to say goodbye to slow, unreliable connections that buffer. WCFIBER’s all-fiber network of Internet, phone and TV are crisp, clear and always on.

Crews have completed work in Regency Park Luxury Apartments. Residents there now have 200 x 200 Mbps Internet, replacing a 6 Mbps service from another provider.

Installations in homes in Hunter’s Creek and Centre Court are underway and will continue for the next several weeks. Next on the schedule is work in Harris Mill Village, Forest Lake, Cobblestone and Summit Place. So, if you live in any of these neighborhoods, now is the time to sign up and get 30 days of service for FREE.

Where to next? That answer is in your hands. Tell your neighbors to register at GigUpGreenwood.com. Let’s build fiber everywhere.

Spread the word! Fiber with Gig Internet – that’s 1,000 Mbps – is coming to Greenwood…


Centre Court Residents: Thank you!

3:14PM June 20, 2017

Centre Court 052517Dear Centre Court Residents, 

Thank you to those of you who came and participated in our event on May 25, 2017. We were glad to get a chance to speak with you and look forward to doing business with each of you! We have reached our goal and construction has begun in your area. We are still taking orders from interested residents, so please call us or place your order on this site today! 

Have a great day, 

WCFIBER Customer Service

Attention Centre Court Residents!

4:57PM May 31, 2017

Centre Court Residents,

WCFIBER representatives will be in your neighborhood soon to gather interest! Come sign up for our services and get some ice cream!

Where: Centre Court Main Entrance

When: Thursday, June 1 from 4pm - 6:30pm


We hope to see you there!

Hunter's Creek Update

11:19AM May 30, 2017

Attention Hunter's Creek Residents!

Thanks for the opportunity to provide your neighborhood with our exceptional services. We are excited to improve your community-wide communications infrastructure.

Construction Update

  • Overall project is 83% complete.
  • Ducts have been installed on all Hunters Creek Roads.
  • Fiber has been pulled to the Hunters Creek Roads listed below.
    • Talley Ho Dr, Sand Trap Ln, Divot Tr, Covey Ct, Lands’ End.

WCFIBER has begun taking orders for services. Call us today to get the fastest & most reliable Internet in Greenwood PLUS your first month free, or register your interest on this site and a WCFIBER Representative will contact you!

Should you have any questions about our crew, please call our local office at 1-844-30-FIBER. Construction is scheduled to be completed by Mid-May with customer installs to be ongoing through the end of June. We look forward to working with you!

Attention Hunters Creek Families!

8:11AM March 28, 2017

WCFIBER, powered by West Carolina Tel, is bringing wallet-friendly, family-wowing entertainment to Hunters Creek. We are currently in the construction planning phase to bring Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit - that's 1,000 Mbps. We also will offer unlimited nationwide calling and outstanding TV options. Make sure to register your interest so you don't miss out on this life-changing fiber connection. You deserve a better connection, without annoying pauses and glitches. WCFIBER will deliver that.